Indo Plus Power Press

Indo Plus Power Press with Counter Balance

Power press is a machine tool that changes the shape of a work piece by the application of pressure.

Left to Right Series:

Range: 10/250 Tonnes in single geared, non-geared, inclinable, non-inclinable or fixed inclined models.

Design features:

  • Frame: The frame of the Indo Plus Power Press is rigidly constructed from structural quality steel plates. Frame is designed in such a way that it gives balanced distribution on stresses over the cross section. Welded, one piece construction made from tested fusion welding quality steel and thermally stress relieved before machining ensures minimum deflection and vibrations thus improving die and machine life.
  • Main Shaft and Bearings: Normalized medium carbon steel shaft, ground finished on bearing surfaces and heavy walled Nickel Phosphor bearings with hand scaped bores keep bearing pressures low and ensures long working life.
  • Slide and guides: Cast Iron slides running in two extra long guides lined with high quality non-metallic liners eliminate slide deflection. Hand scraped bearing surfaces provide smooth movement of slide square to the table resulting in highly accurate press work and extended die life.
  • Counter balance: A pneumatic counterbalance system compensates the weight of the ram and upper die which reciprocates vertically. This helps to maintain kinetic energy of flywheel, tolerances between the moving parts. Hence providing smoother operations easier stopping, less wear and tear on the bearings and other moving parts, increasing life of press.
  • Electrical controls: Easy to see, easy to use main control station with controls for power ON/OFF, START/STOP once ‘inch’ continuous, semi continuous clutch mode selection and clutch on operation with emergency stop simplifies operation greatly. Control supply 230 V, 50Hz.
  • Clutch and Brake: Pneumatically operated clutch-brake combination developed specially for speed operation eliminates overlapping of torque, gives faster action and reduces lining wear to the minimum.
  • Other Standard Features: Conveniently located and effortless adjustable slide adjustment mechanism. Stroke adjustment facility in several steps for flexibility in use, standard Bolster, General purpose motor 415V, 3Ø, 50 Hz for presses less than 100T capacity. 
  • Standard equipment with machine: Flywheel and gear guard, bar ejector on slide, air filter, lubricator, regulator, cam limit switch, motorized lubrication system. 
  • Optional Accessories: Digital Counter, Counter balance, CAM type ejector, air cushion, PLC panel, Variable speed drive, Safety curtain, Anti vibration pads, Hydraulic overload protector.


(Above 100 tonne capacity, specifications as per customer’s demand.)


MODEL NO.UNITSIEC – 10IEC – 16IEC – 25IEC – 32IEC – 40IEC – 50IEC – 63IEC – 100
CRANK ANGLETONNE10162532405063100
Stroke FixedStandardmm5060801009090100125
StrokeStandardmm8 to 408 to 508 to 638 to 658 to 808 to 808 to 1008 to 125
AdjustableOptionalmm8 to 638 to 808 to 1008 to 1008 to 1258 to 1258 to 1608 to 160
Shut HeightMediummm250280315315355355400450
Slide Adjustmentmm5050505060606080
Slide FaceStandardmm180 x 280200 x 300220 x 320220 x 320250 x 400250 x 400280 x 450315 x 500
FB x LRFlangemm315 x 400355 x 450400 x 500400 x 500450 x 560450 x 560500 x 630560 x 710
Slide Face Openingmm40 x 6040 x 7550 x 7550 x 7550 x 8550 x 8550 x 8550 x 85
Dia x Depth
Clear Distancemm250280315315355355400450
Between Upright
Height of tablemm800800800800800800800900
Surface from Floor
Size Of TableStandardmm350 x 500355 x 560400 x 630460 x 630500 x 710520 x 710550 x 800600 x 900
FB x LRDeepmm400 x 500450 x 560500 x 630500 x 630560 x 710560 x 800630 x 800710 x 900
mm400 x 630450 x 710500 x 800500 x 800560 x 900600 x 800630 x 1000710 x 1120
Opening in the Tablemm160 x 200180 x 224200 x 250200 x 250225 x 280225 x 280250 x 315280 x 335
x 200x 224x 250x 250x 280x 280x 315x 335
Bolster Thicknessmm65707575808085100
Stroke perNon-gearedSPM1401251201201001009080
Overall SizeGearedcm111x74x225124x95x250132x110x263132x110x263184x134x313195x142x337205x150x360240x180x380
FB x LR x Ht.

1. Shunt height at standard maximum stroke is the distance between table surface and slide face with slide at bottom of stroke adjustment .

2. For strokes less than standard maximum, the shut height will be increased by half the difference, for strokes more than standard maximum,

the shut height will be redused by half the difference in stroke.

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